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Dear all,

With the new season kicking off this weekend for some of our teams, I would like to wish all of the Cottenham Colts teams the best of luck in your games.

Please remember, the ones doing all the hard work are the children, they deserve respect and encouragement from both parents and coaches as well as their fellow players. I for one can be hard on my own son when he doesn't do what i think he should do, he is only 10 and not a superstar, so please, let them enjoy it. We all want to win but at the end of the day, its about having fun with their friends, developing and staying in football and enjoying themselves, hopefully with the club, the real results come in the later years......

Can I also please ask all parents to respect the opposition as well as the Ref, most of these are only a few years older than the team they may be officiating, both home and away.

If there are any issues, please let the club know.

Enjoy the weekend!

Ben Holmes Cottenham Colts Chairman

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