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Cottenham United Colts could not run without so many talented people in the community. Currently, we are looking for new volunteers to join the club in a number of positions.


The Treasurer must be well organised, able to keep records, careful when handling money and cheques, scrupulously honest, able to answer questions in meetings, confident in handling figures and prepared to take instant decisions when necessary. This post would require 1-2 hours work each week and becoming a member of the club committee and would need to attend committee meetings. Tasks will include: -  

  • Keep track of income and expenditures for the club's account.

  • Planning the club’s annual budget with the club committee.

  • Monitor the club’s budget throughout the year.

  • Present reports to key stakeholders about club finances.

  • Being the spokesperson for members with questions about club finances

  • Arrange payments for the club such as pitch hire, referee fees, football kit/equipment, league memberships, affiliation fees and insurance.


We are looking for 3-4 people to set up the Club Fundraising Committee. It is essential to have effective organisational skills, be innovative and enthusiastic. It would be useful if you completed grant applications. Training courses and support are available through County FAs. Tasks will include: -  

  • Applying for grants / sponsorship or other forms of financial assistance from organisations such as Sport England/Football Foundation, Local Authorities or commercial companies.

  • Coordinating fund-raising events, possibly two major events a year.

  • Ensuring events and activities are properly licensed by local authorities.

  • Promoting fund-raising activities in the press/social media.

  • Ensure funds are properly accounted for and information is passed on to the Treasurer.

  • Selling lottery style draws/raffles.


In order to provide hot drinks at both our playing locations we are looking for a new Tea Hut Co-ordinator to help organise our volunteer staff and more.

  • Liaise with the fixture secretary for the upcoming weekend games at CVC and the Recreation Ground.

  • Create weekly staff rota.

  • Weekly stock replenishments.

  • Ensure both tea facilities are fully stocked each week.

  • Revenue managment.

If you are interested in any of the above posts then please contact the club directly by registering your interest here - 

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