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Message from the chairman

With the 20/21 season now at a close, id like to thank you all for your patience and support in helping with the safe return of grassroots football…again. The last year has been a blur with the end of one season then the start of the next, and soon the new season beginning, there seems to be no real break to take a step back, breathe and look at what’s been achieved. One thing to mention is during October, the club supported the Marcus Rashford Campaign and donated some money to Barkers Bakery to provide food for those that needed it.

The club, as it has done in previous years, although this time was low key, was still able to join in with the remembrance parade showing our support to those that had fallen

Last year, as with the first year Jason Adams and myself were involved with, presented yet more challenges we didn’t see coming which as a club we have hopefully now overcome, the teams have grown, we now stand at 25 teams.

The club would like to welcome the new U5s to the Colts family, it is great to see teams starting earlier and hopefully maintaining their bonds and friendships through to U18s. I have heard rumours they may be another young age group starting up later in the season if numbers are high.

We have grown our girls teams from one team, who are now entering their U17 season to 4 with more to come, id like to thank Simon and Dave for starting the team within the club and allowing it to grow leaving a legacy behind and the coaches how have carried this forward. Its great to see such diversity from a village club, now one of the biggest in Cambridgeshire

We have had some changes to the Colts team. Jason, after 2 years, and they have been a challenging two years, not what we both planned for, has decided to step down as Vice chairman, he will though keep running his to be U14s as well as his dream job elsewhere, sadly the Liverpool role isn’t vacant. His U18s have also now departed for new challenges. They have been art the colts since U6 I believe.

Simon, who has been at the club in many roles over the years, will step back to concentrate on his daughters girls team and keep them going, looking to expand the girls teams in the future.

Paul has stepped up to take on the tricky role of treasurer, one that has been hard to fill. He has done a fantastic job in the few months in the role and I know, from previous years, it hasn’t been easy. He has got a grasp with it and has helped to understand the costs in running the club.

Steph Wright has taken on the role as Welfare Officer from Karen Collett, who has decided to step down. She has done a lot of work behind the scenes making sure everything is up to date as well as a lot of admin tasks and social media issues to help promote the colts

We would also like to thank the fundraising team of Karen Celentano and Steph as well as Dave and Karl for securing what money they can to help us get through the year, without this, it would be a different story.

I would also like to thank Karen for her hard work in managing the two mobile refreshment stands and the constant kick off time changes at short notice which involve last minute alterations to planning.

The club has looked to erect the old 11 a side goals stored in the tank at Rampton Rec and Cottenham Rec, hopefully these will be used by all and not get damaged. We also have a set at CVC to allow us to play games there. The new tank at CVC has also been fitted out. Thanks go to Rob Wright and Regent Construction for the materials and Karl, Bob and Simon for helping out.

And finally, a special thank you to Bob. During the last lockdown, when training was cancelled, he stepped up and took on the challenge of proving a zoom workout to our U12 blacks to keep them motivated and fit, the U12 reds then joined in on a Saturday morning, closely followed by the U13 Reds and then U13 greens on a Wednesday. The children massively enjoyed this and gave them something to look forward to each week. It was even taken up by a lot of the parents as well.

So, let’s hope the 21/22 season is a smoother one and we can enjoy it more with less to worry about, as I for one am fed up of a stop start season.

Ben Holmes, CUCFC Chairman


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